World Streaming Show

SaxOpen Orchestra, Mi-Bémol ensemble, Derek Brown, Jean-François Zygel and les Orgues de Sax, Vincent Dubois and numerous other soloists from various countries, SaxOpen’s delegates, as well as bands connected from Brazil, Taiwan, Costa-Rica, USA, …

A large multimedia concert of several interconnected scenes in Strasbourg and in the world, mixing live music, recorded and broadcast streaming interventions, allowing musicians around the world to take part in the show. The WSS will be visible in its final online and on ARTE concert. This show will be the conclusion of the first World Sax Day. All the musicians wishing to take part in the show will gather at Place Kléber to share this special moment with the rest of the world through digital tools.

You can also take part to the Grand Orchestra of 100 saxophones, recruitement organized by Mi-Bémol Ensemble ! For more info : GranSaxOrch_Recruit