The main goal of SaxOpen is to open its doors to all musical styles, all practices, all research, all performers (professionals, amateurs, the youth, etc.).

This means that any project proposal you submit to us will be eligible!

We hope that the SaxOpen participants will, like us, be eager to set up bold and innovative projects so as to ensure that this gathering is an opportunity for many new discoveries and mutual enrichment.

Just to give you a better idea of what you could put forward, here are the categories of our main themes:


• Concertos (symphonies, harmonies, instrumental ensembles)
• Chamber music
• Solos
• Saxophone ensembles (Quartets, ensembles,…)
• …


• Crossover (Improvisation, Jazz, World,…)
• Creative adaptations
• Electronic music / Multimedia
• Transversality / Links to other arts
• …


• On the performance
• Anniversary celebrations (composers, performers, teachers,…)
• Teaching and the younger generations
• Saxophone family (history, future, rare aspects, interesting facts,…)
• Health and possible illnesses of saxophonists (mental workload, posture, injuries,…)
• …

The same project can of course fall under several categories.