The participant’s guide

1. What is a world saxophone congress?

The world saxophone congress has existed since 1969, and it takes place every three years in a different country in the world. It brings together musicians from the whole world and is 3 to 6 days long. It is open to everyone and to all musical styles.

The world saxophone congress is an opportunity to:

  • perform in front of an audience of international professionals;
  • attend many concerts (mainly creations), solo concerto recitals with symphonic orchestras and open concerts (jazz and other styles);
  • unwind, re-invent yourself, discover new way to play and express yourself, etc.;
  • meet musicians from the whole world and set up future projects;
  • take part in exceptional projects, which are feasible only thanks to the enthusiasm of a mutual passion;
  • discuss issues related to playing and teaching the saxophone, and the role of music in today’s world;
  • meet publishers and discover new music pieces;
  • meet instrument makers and discover their newest creations;
  • discover a city, a country and its culture;
  • experience enriching and convivial moments!

2. What are the rules for participating in the event?

  • A national artist team has been set up.
  • Programme themes have been established.
  • Project applications can be submitted on the SaxOpen website until the end of December 2014.
  • A different representative for each category will receive the project proposals, take a thorough look at them and approve them. There will be a limited number of time slots for each category. Some250 recitals will be part of the programme, together with concerts and festive activities in town, decentralised concerts, etc. 
  • Entry fees for participants vary: full price, discount price, audience member, youth, groups.
  • Participants will need to organise their own accommodation (you can find a list of hotels on our website), transport and meals.
  • As for any congress, the participants, in this case musical performers, will not be paid for any of their performances. In some exceptional cases, some expenses may be covered, namely for productions or activities which are part of the festival.

3. How is the festival linked to the congress?

A festival for a large audience will be organized together with the congress. Concerts performed by the wish to do so, will be offered during the day and in the evenings, in different locations in Strasbourg and its surrounding region.

  • Concerts and festive activities (flash mobs and others) will be held as part of the summer activities in Strasbourg.
  • Concerts will be organised within the region in Alsatian cultural and heritage sites (and the neighbouring countries; Switzerland, Germany).
  • To make SaxOpen a united event, some concerts will also be held for the disadvantaged audiences (in hospitals, retirement homes, etc.).
  • To take part in this festival, participants must indicate that they wish to do so when signing up.
  • The projects selected by the programming committee will be assigned to the different locations.

Musicians’ transport expenses, from Strasbourg to the relevant host city, will be covered by the organiser.
For the participants, who very often come for only one recital, these decentralised concerts will be anopportunity for them to be part of an additional programme, which will make it possible for them to present their work to a larger audience. It will also be an opportunity for the inhabitants of Strasbourg and around the region to discover high-quality musical performances and experience the sound of the saxophone for a whole week!