Physician Assistant Supervision Agreement Arizona

Physician Assistant Supervision Agreement in Arizona: What You Need to Know

If you are considering working as a physician assistant (PA) in Arizona, one of the most important factors to consider is the supervision agreement. In Arizona, PAs are required to work under the supervision of a licensed physician. This means that the physician must be physically present in the same building or within reasonable proximity to where the PA is working.

The purpose of the supervision agreement is to ensure that the physician is responsible for the medical care provided by the PA. This agreement outlines the roles and responsibilities of both the physician and the PA, and it must be approved by the Arizona Medical Board before the PA can begin practicing.

What is a PA?

Before we dive into the supervision agreement, let`s first define what a physician assistant is. According to the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA), a PA is a healthcare professional who is licensed to practice medicine under the supervision of a physician. PAs are trained to provide a wide range of medical services, including performing physical exams, diagnosing and treating illnesses, prescribing medications, and assisting in surgeries.

Supervision Agreement Requirements

In Arizona, the supervision agreement must be in writing and must include the following information:

1. Identification of the supervising physician and the PA

2. A description of the services the PA will provide

3. The specific location or locations where the PA will be providing services

4. A statement that the physician will be responsible for the medical care provided by the PA

5. A description of how the physician will supervise the PA, including the frequency and method of communication

6. A statement that the physician will review and countersign a portion of the medical records created by the PA

It`s important to note that the physician is responsible for ensuring that the PA is competent and properly trained to perform the services outlined in the supervision agreement. The physician must also be available to provide assistance and consultation to the PA as needed.

Approval Process

Once the supervision agreement has been drafted, it must be submitted to the Arizona Medical Board for approval. The Board may require additional information or clarification before approving the agreement. Once approved, the physician and the PA must sign the agreement, and a copy must be kept on file at the location where the PA is providing services.

The supervision agreement must be renewed every two years, or whenever there is a change in the supervising physician or the PA`s job duties.

In conclusion, if you are considering working as a PA in Arizona, it`s crucial to understand the requirements for the supervision agreement. Working under the supervision of a licensed physician ensures that patients receive high-quality medical care, and it protects both the physician and the PA from potential legal and ethical issues. By following the guidelines outlined by the Arizona Medical Board, you can ensure a successful and rewarding career as a physician assistant.