Siam Saxophone Quartet performance

Siam Saxophone Quartet brings 2 works by young composers from Mahidol University’s

college of music. They both received awards such as « Young Thai artist » and « Best Junior concert ».


The Siam Saxophone Quartet (SSQ) performs 20th century classical music for saxophone quartet along with other styles. Moreover, this quartet represents the new generation of saxophone and will be the new role model for saxophonists in Thailand.

Siam Saxophone Quartet and each person attended master classes by Jean Marie-Londeix , Claude Delange , Dr.Chien-Kwan Lin, Prof.Shyen Lee, Prof.Shuichi Komiyama, Jean-Pierre Baraglioli, William Street, Keiji Munesada, Richard Dirlam, Prof.Eugene Rousseau, Prof.Roger Greenbergs, Dr.Eric Nestler, Federico Mondelci and Jean-Yves Fourmeau. Siam Saxophone Quartet and each person attended in music competition and music festival in many countries such as The United States, Canada, Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Japan, Thailand, China and Taiwan.

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“Be Bike” by Suppakarn Silpvisuth
Mountain Bike is a race. Biker competes to the finished line. Getting there, biker learns how to avoid instant obstacles and difficulties.

Human and bike must unite as one to go on a race. Life can be harsh, just like the race. Biker needs to balance of heart and body. Feeling of desperation and cheers can affect his achievement.

The man may steer himself and his bike with love and hope though can stop everything just because of disappointment and heart broken.

However, in “Be Bike”, he will be successful in building up his inspiration again, buying new equipments, and exploring the new atmosphere for overcoming the new record.
For a new chapter, his life is replenished.

“Illegal” by Piyawat Louilarpprasert

“Illegal” for saxophone quartet is consisting of 3 movements. All the movements, related to each other, share the strong and vigorous characteristic. The musical idea is based on a single rhythmic motif, developed by combining the motif with various materials which are extended techniques, sound intensity, asymmetrical-symmetrical rhythm and various textures. The piece was influenced by rock and dance music. It will have some elements from this kind of music within the piece.