Umble and Schrude Performance

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James Umble and Marilyn Shrude will present two works in recital, including Shrude’s Lacrimosa and a new original transcription of Elizabeth Brown’s Chronicle, both for alto saxophone and piano.


Dr. James Umble is Professor of Saxophone at Youngstown (Ohio, USA) State University. He studied with Jean-Marie Londeix, John Sampen, Donald Sinta. His trio “The Cleveland Duo and James Umble” for violin, piano and saxophone is well-known for its innovative chamber music. His book” Jean-Marie Londeix, Master of the Modern Saxophone” is a standard reference worldwide.
Marilyn Shrude received degrees from Alverno College and Northwestern University, where she studied with Alan Stout and M. William Karlins. Among her more prestigious honors are those from the Guggenheim Foundation (2011 Fellow), Chamber Music America/ASCAP, the National Endowment for the Arts and the Kennedy Center Friedheim Award. With husband John Sampen she has premiered hundreds of new works in the US and abroad.

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James Umble, saxophone and Marilyn Shrude, piano, will present two works in recital, both of which explore a delicate, spiritual and highly nuanced expressive language. Marilyn Shrude’s LACRIMOSA (2006) is a masterpiece for the extended saxophone, a delicate and spiritual work making use of such extended techniques as quartertones, multiphonics, flutter tonguing and other techniques in a language marked by extreme sensitivity and nuanced expression. It is a work worthy of greater recognition. It has not yet been recorded. It was written for American saxophone virtuoso John Sampen, husband of the composer.

James and Marilyn will also present composer Elizabeth Brown’s CHRONICLE, originally for viola and piano, here to be presented in a new transcription by James Umble. This work is also an extremely sensitive work that is made up of recurring gestural motives and sensitive use of extremes of dynamics and tone colors.

Both works are highly expressive through the use of a subtly nuanced and extended language.