Portuguese Music for Sax Solo

Website(s) : https://www.facebook.com/luis.ribeiro.106

Three world premieres for solo saxophone from Portuguese composers that present an approach to traditional Portuguese music and new compositional techniques for the saxophone.


Diploma in Saxophone and Saxophone Pedagogy , has attended, several masterclasses with renowned professors Daniel Deffayet , Jean-Yves Formeaux , Pierric Leman , Stephane Laporte , Joel Batteau , David Vincent, Otis Murphy. He collaborates with the all Portuguese Sinfonic Orchestras and has performed with the following maestros Kevin Wauldron , William Malambri , José Ferreira Lobo Yuri Nasuskin , Jan Cober. Was the first saxophone winner of the 1st prize of the”Contest Helena Sá e Costa”contest held by the School ESMAE. In 2012 was invited to join the 35th International Saxophone Symposium. He is the artistic director of the Minho Saxophone Orchestra. He teaches at the Conservatory of Music Calouste Gulbenkian de Braga and Music Company – Braga. Since 2010 Teaching at University of Minho

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The proposal is to present 3 pieces World premières, for solo saxophone by Portuguese Composers!

I pretend with this program make an approach to the “traditional Music” for the present days with the all colours and new composer techniques in the saxophone Music.