Le répertoire brésilien pour saxophone seul et en duo

Website(s) : http://carlosaxgontijo.wix.com/carlosgontijo / http://douglasbragasax.wix.com/site

Carlos Gontijo and Douglas Braga present Brazilian works for solo saxophone and saxophone duo, by C.Santoro, R. Lima, as well as two world premieres by Douglas Braga.


Brazilian saxophonist, Carlos Gontijo owns several national and foreign prices. Active musician, he takes part in numerous projects, and he performed as a soloist with several Brazilian orchestras. He’s the saxophone soloist at the Police Wind Orchestra of Brasília and General Director of the ESAX BRASÍLIA. Carlos Gontijo is a Selmer and Vandoren Artist.

Brazilian musician and composer, Douglas Braga owns inumerous prices in Brazil and two french prizes. Active musician in orchestras, sax quartets and chamber music, artistic director of the classical saxophone festival of São Paulo, he is also saxophone teacher at the music school of the Ibirapuera parc in São Paulo. His works as a composer are internationnaly recognized. Douglas Braga is a Rico artist.

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This project proposes to auditor of world congress saxophone a recital 20 minutes with major Brazilian works written for saxophone only and duo saxophones. The recital will begin with the work “Fantasia Sul América para saxofone solo” (1983) by Claudio Santoro. The second piece will be the “Paisagem Sonora n. 16 para saxofone alto solo” ( 2006) by Rodrigo Lima. The third piece will be a work for solo alto saxophone, dedicated to the saxophone player Carlos Gontijo. This work will be called “Cadência” (2014) by Douglas Braga and it will have its premiere in the world congress of strasbourg. The last piece on this program will be a duo, also a world premiere. This work is called “Autopsicografia” for two soprano saxophone, also by Douglas Braga, and this work is based on a Fernando Pessoa’s poem.